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Auralex GRAMMA Acoustic Isolation Riser Review

Auralex GRAMMA Gives You Cleaner Sound from Your Amps and Speakers

Introducing the Auralex GRAMMA™ v2

The GRAMMA™ v2 is an enhanced version of Auralex GRAMMA series of acoustic isolators.

GRAMMA stands for Gig and Recording, Amp and Monitor, Modulation Attenuator.

This improved GRAMMA pad is a more effective isolation platform. It also features an Ozite® covering over. An inert structural layer that floats on a 1” pad of the critically acclaimed Auralex® Platfoam™.

This allows your amp or loudspeaker to produce true sound by neutralizing resonance artifacts. Which otherwise would have caused the tone of your amp to be muddy.

The GRAMMA™ v2 upgrades have a lower profile for even better stability. It provides better mid and low frequency definition and spot a new easy-to-grab handle.

Auralex GRAMMA™ v2 features

  • A tighter, more focused low-end
  • Give you the true sound of your amp, loudspeaker or subwoofer
  • Instant improvement to your sound on-stage or in the studio
  • Lower profile for better stability and aesthetically pleasing
  • Improved mid & low frequency definition
  • New Easy-Grab Handle

The GRAMMA™ v2 series consist of 3 different size models:

The GRAMMA™ v2 is designed for mid-sized amps and speaker cabinets.
– Dimension: 23″(W) x 15″(D) x 1.75″(H)
– Weight limit: 300lbs.
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BabyGRAMMA™ v2
The BabyGRAMMA v2 Amplifier Isolation Platform, designed for compact guitar, bass and keyboard amplifiers.
– Dimension: 15″(W) x 15″(D) x 1.75″(H)
– Weight limit: 200lbs.
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GreatGRAMMA™ v2
The GreatGRAMMA v2 is about 30% bigger to accomodate large speaker cabinets, 4×12″, 4×15″ or 4×18″ rigs.
– Dimension: 30″(W) x 19″(D) x 1.75″(H)
– Weight limit: 300lbs.
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Auralex Gramma Best Deal On Amazon (GRAMMA™ v2 Included)

GRAMMA v2 series
Auralex Gramma Acoustic Isolation Riser isolates your speaker/amp/sub/monitor from unwanted vibrations in the room. By ‘detaching’ your gears from the floor, you get the most deserving sound out of your gear.

It simply brings out the near perfect tone from your speaker, sub or monitor. And a subtle difference in sound quality always make a world of difference for the pros.

Costing just a fraction of your equipment, the Auralex Gramma elicits the real value of your gear. It has become a must-have standard equipment for the die hard acoustic enthusiasts.

The GRAMMA Yields Nearly Total Acoustic Isolation

When speakers or amps are not isolated from the floor, they cause structural vibrations. And these vibrations will travel back and forth through them.

This result in muddy sound and doesn’t give you the definition from your amp and speakers. There’s no justice in investing on good amps and speakers without proper acoustic isolation.

Proper isolation can almost simulate an anechoic chamber. It emulates the condition where speakers, monitors and subwoofers are tested in the factory.

That’s what Auralex GRAMMA is good for, it isolates and absorbs the vibration away. Leaving you with only the desired acoustic sound to enjoy.

What you get is an overall improvement on both the frequency response and output clarity. Especially on the lows and mid-lows, the result is a more tightened response across the board.

Once you have your amps and speakers on the GRAMMA pad, you can feel the difference immediately.

Auralex GRAMMA vs SubDude

What is the difference between Auralex GRAMMA and Auralex SubDude? That’s the most frequently asked question.

The built and performance properties of both platforms are almost identical. They are different in size. And both can support weights of up to 300 lbs.

However, the SubDude spots a lower profile which gives a visual sense of no-isolation. It is more aesthetically pleasing than the thicker GRAMMA.

Cost wise, they are not too far apart. So it’s a matter of preference on aesthetics. Whichever you choose, they offer the same value in performance. Click here for SubDude-HT Review

Auralex GRAMMA Review – Features And Specifications

Auralex GRAMMA

  • Rugged, road-ready Ozite carpet for studio or live use
  • Isolate and float your amps and speakers from the floor
  • Supports most amps, speaker cabinets, subwoofers, and monitors
  • Dimensions: 23″(L) x 15″(W) x 2.75″(H)
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs

Other dimensions are available in Auralex AmpDude (formerly Subdude) & Auralex Great GRAMMA.

  • Auralex Ampdude – 15″ (L) x 15″(W) x 3″(H), weight limit: 200lbs (Not available anymore. See Auralex SubDude-II)
  • Auralex Great GRAMMA – 30″(L) x 19″(W) x 2.75″(H), weight limit: 300lbs

*Both GRAMMA & Great GRAMMA Isolation Riser come complete with a carrying handle, road-ready carpet, Studiofoam Wedges (underneath) and PlatFoam (underneath).

Auralex GRAMMA Acoustic Isolation Riser Construction

Auralex PlatFoam is the material used to construct the Auralex GRAMMA amp and speaker isolation riser.

The patented Auralex PlatFoam is a denser and thicker version of the Studiofoam. Specifically designed to control low-frequency vibrations.

When placed between your equipment and the floor, you get near total acoustic isolation. Which result in tighter frequency response across the entire broadband range. Most noticeable in the low and mid-low ranges.

All Auralex GRAMMA isolation platforms are layered in rugged Ozite carpet. Which makes them durable against wear-and-tear usually from regular touring and gigging.

With a dimension of 23″(L) x 15″(W) x 2.75″(H), the GRAMMA sound isolation riser can easily support most 2×12, 4×12 Amp cabinets. And also dual 15-inch speakers and most wedge monitors.

Be it in your home or a professional studio, and even on stage, the Auralex GRAMMA sound isolation riser is the best solution for every sound specialist who seek perfection in their work.

Simple in construction but yet with precision material engineering. The GRAMMA is truly an engineered studio and live performance solution.

Without GRAMMA You Are Compromising On Your Sound System Performance

The Auralex GRAMMA amp and monitor isolation riser is almost a requirement if you care about the ROI of your valuable gears you have invested heavily on. The term “floating an amp” aptly describes the GRAMMA for its excellent vibration absorption efficiency.

So don’t just get your amps, speaker cabinets, subwoofers, and monitors off the floor, float them with the Auralex GRAMMA Acoustic Isolation Riser.

BabyGRAMMA v2 618 wide banner

Best Deal On Amazon

Auralex Acoustics GRAMMA v2

Auralex GRAMMA v2
  • 23″ L x 15″ W x 1.75″ H
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs.

Auralex Acoustics BabyGramma v2

Auralex BabyGramma v2
  • 15″ L x 15″ W x 1.75″ H
  • Weight Limit: 200lbs.

Auralex Acoustics GreatGRAMMA v2

Auralex GreatGRAMMA v2
  • 30″ L x 19″ W x 1.75″ H
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs.


Previous Version

Auralex GRAMMA

Auralex GRAMMA
  • 23″ L x 15″ W x 2.75″ H
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs.

Auralex Great GRAMMA

Auralex Great GRAMMA
  • 30″ L x 19″ W x 2.75″ H
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs.

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