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Auralex Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series

Auralex Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series – A Quick Review

Auralex Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series

Natural Acoustic Treatment With Auralex Bamboo Sound Diffusor

Auralex Acoustics launched the Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series in April 2011. Its first line of acoustic diffusion products; made entirely from eco-friendly bamboo.

The entire Bamboo Sound Diffusor series comprises:

Bamboo has long being a sought after material by people who love that “bits of nature” in their home. It gives that organic feel to the decor, a seamless blend of modern home and nature.

The Sustain™ Bamboo Diffusors series is a clever initiative by Auralex. Besides its sound diffusing function, it adds that bit of nature to any studio. Meeting both aesthetic and acoustic requirements.

A welcoming design that is sought after by lifestyle conscious audiophiles.

So what are the features of these bamboo acoustic diffusors? And how they can open up sound space in your home studio in a natural way that result in a response experienced only in larger rooms.

Auralex Bamboo Diffusor Review

Sustain Lens™ Diffusor (was WaveLens Diffusor)

Auralex WaveLens Diffusor

Auralex Sustain Lens is a grid diffusor designed to breakup reflected sound waves. As well as optimized the efficiency of the absorption panels.

By scattering and redirecting the acoustical energy, any small room can sound larger than it is. The 23.75” x 23.75” x 3” light weight bamboo diffusor is easy to mount onto any suspended ceiling grid. Or on walls with other absorptive acoustic panels and bass traps.

You will feel an improvement in acoustic response immediately, when you have the diffusors on all reflection points.


Material: Bamboo
Dimension: 23.75” x 23.75” x 3”
Weight: 4 pounds

Sustain Prism™ Diffusor (was WavePrism Diffusor)

Auralex WavePrism Diffusor

Want more than just acoustic enhancement to your studio?

The Auralex WavePrism Diffusor is more than just natural bamboo beauty. Its uneven depth grid is perfect for eliminating flutter echoes and acoustical anomalies.

And its appearance adds a little sophistication along with the other acoustic panels.

The WavePrism Diffusor provides for even sound dispersion. And that gives you a more consistent listening environment. Which is perfect for a mixing and recording environment that demand consistency and accuracy.

The size is 23.75” x 23.75” x 3”, and approximately 4 pounds of distributed weight. The WavePrism Diffusor can fit into the standard droptile ceiling grid with provided fasteners.

The shallow 3″ depth design means you can place the diffusors close to the listening position, as compared to the deeper ones.

On a decor note, give your wall a distinctive look by covering it with the WavePrism diffusors. And with clever lighting, it can really bring out that exotic feel in any room.


Material: Bamboo
Dimension: 23.75” x 23.75” x 3”
Weight: 4 pounds

Sustain Pyramid™ (was Peak Pyramid Diffusor)

Auralex Peak Pyramid Diffusor

Sound scatters in a more controlled vertical and horizontal directions with the Sustain Pyramid Diffusor. Thanks to the precise angle design, it gives a more accurate sound diffusion. And better at alleviating flutter echo and slap back..

You will notice the difference in room acoustics with the Auralex Sustain Pyramid diffusors. Its bamboo properties provide a richer sound quality as compared to its plastic counterparts.

An added advantage of this pyramid shape diffusor is its hollow back. You can stuff rockwool or other sound absorptive material in it and doubles up as a bass trap.

Now you have a bass trapping diffusor which absorbs low frequencies and diffuses mid to high frequencies. Saves you valuable wall space and money.

The Sustain Pyramid Diffusor can be ceiling mount on standard suspended ceiling grid. As well as wall mount. Weighing just 1 pound and measuring 23.75” x 23.75” x 6”, it’s easy to install onto any walls and ceiling.


Material: Bamboo
Dimension: 23.75” x 23.75” x 6”
Weight: 1 pound

Sustain QuadraTec™ (was QuadraTec Diffusor)

Auralex QuadraTec Diffusor

With diffusion you will always end up with livelier sound, than with sound absorption. And QRD or Quadratic Residue Diffusor is an indispensable component in acoustic treatment.

Its tiered design provides excellent sound diffusion. And its appearance gives layer to any flat surfaces. No wonder it is so appealing to interior designers. When ever you need to break up an otherwise monotonous plain wall and for acoustic treatment, get QRD.

Auralex’s inclusion of the Sustain QuadraTec Diffusor in its Sustain™ Bamboo Diffusors Series is a smart move. It not only provides a warm musical ambience, it graces any room with its natural and exotic look.

Amid all the modern equipment and furniture that fill the room, this bamboo diffusor is never out of place.

Instead of the usual plasticky QRD, get this bamboo version for a change. The performance of this nested pair of Sustain QuadraTec diffusor is unparalleled. And it will give a feel of spaciousness when used in combination of each other.

Measuring 23.75” x 23.75” x 4.1”, this light weight QRD can be easily installed in suspended ceiling grids or on wall surfaces with the provided mechanical fasteners.


Material: Bamboo
Dimension: 23.75” x 23.75” x 4.1” (size of each diffusor)
Weight: 7 pounds
Shipping: Nested pair (2 nos.)

Sustain Metro™

Auralex Sustain Metro
The contemporary design of the Sustain Metro is effective in dispersing acoustical energy evenly. Which offers a more consistent listening environment.

What’s different from those self made diffusor, is the extensive testing Auralex has done for accuracy. Which will make a great difference in a critical listening and recording environment. Like in a professional recording studio, which Auralex traditionally has an impressive track record.

Not only it offers the aesthetic to your space, it treats sound aberration such as flutter echoes. While maintaining the room ambience.

The Sustain Metro Diffusor is intended for wall mounting only.


Material: Bamboo
Dimension: 2.61” x 23.25” x 23.25” (for each Sustain Metros)
Weight: NA
Shipping: Set of 2 Bamboo Sustain Metros

Most studios, home or otherwise, are an enclosed and controlled environment. Hence, it’s a great idea to incorporate some eco friendly material to give the room a clean natural feel.

Give yourself a breather by incorporating some natural element into your studio today. Get Auralex Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusors.

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