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Auralex SubDude-HT Subwoofer Isolation Platform Review

Auralex SubDude-HT Decouples Subwoofer From The Environment

Auralex SubDude-HT Isolation Platform is probably the only thing you need if you want the best out of your subwoofer. But those guys at the audio shop who sold you the system would want you to believe that good cables are what make the difference in sound quality. While that’s undeniably true, it’s only half the equation. You need to address the other more important half, that is the environment in which your speakers and subwoofer are placed. You may have the top of the range sub, but if it is coupled to the environment via the floor, undesired resonance may render the whole experience as mediocre at best. Do your system some justice and optimize the sound quality by isolating the subwoofer, amp and speakers with Auralex’s flagship range of acoustic treatment products. The Auralex SubDue-HT is time proven to be the most effective in eliminating all that vibrations, resonance and coloring from distorting the true output from your subwoofer.

Auralex SubDude-HT

Since its launch, the SubDude has received rave reviews from bass head critics. And some panned about its size of 15″ x 15″ 2.75″ which is not big enough to accomodate larger subwoofers. That leaves critics wonder if the SubDude is designed specially for the smaller and more expensive subwoofers. Auralex took the criticism and made some changes to design a larger SubDude so that larger subwoofers can be included. This pleases the die-hard bass heads who stand by the pounding effect from a big sub is irreplaceable. Thus, the new Auralex SubDude-HT is born.

Auralex SubDude-HT Construction & Performance

Measuring 22″ x 18″ x 1.75″, the SubDude-HT isolation platform (patented) is an inert structure covered with a stylish velour and supported by Auralex’s trademark Platfoam. That makes the SubDude-HT an effective acoustic isolator that eliminates the creation of secondary resonance and harmonics from the environment and allows only true sound from the subwoofers to come through. This brilliant combination of materials have proven to isolate mechanically the subwoofer and the floor. The sound vibrations generated by the subwoofer are absorbed by the platform and prevented from spreading to other objects in the vicinity through the structure of the subwoofer.

Auralex has performed its own test and shows that the SubDude series of isolation platforms are calibrated for 100Hz and above, which lead to better accuracy, decrease in coloration and a tighter, muddy-less bass sound output. The SubDude-HT is able to support most subs of weight up to 300lbs without compromising on performance.


Compare to the classic SubDude, the Auralex SubDude-HT is wider in length and width but spot a lower profile, which is an ideal choice for most larger home theater and audio system subwoofers. Float your subwoofer on a SubDude-HT and feel the improvement in sound quality instantly. You will love the new experience.

The SubDude Family

Dimension: 22″(L) x 18″(W) x 1.75″(H)
Weight limit: 300lbs
Construction: 3/4″ Velour-covered MDF base
Isolation: 1″ Platfoam base

Dimension: 15″(L) x 15″(W) x 1.75″(H)
Weight limit: 300lbs
Construction: 3/4″ Velour-covered MDF base
Isolation: 1″ Platfoam base

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