Acoustic Panels

Auralex Gramma Alternative – The Search Is On

Auralex GRAMMA

Auralex GRAMMA Alternative in Isolation Platform Still Looking For Auralex GRAMMA Alternative? You are here primarily for one reason – The Auralex GRAMMA v2 is expensive. You can’t believe an isolation platform made of foam could cost that much. You are hoping to find an …

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Auralex Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series

Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor

Auralex Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series – A Quick Review Natural Acoustic Treatment With Auralex Bamboo Sound Diffusor Auralex Acoustics launched the Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series in April 2011. Its first line of acoustic diffusion products; made entirely from eco-friendly bamboo. The entire Bamboo …

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Soundproof Foam From Amazon Will Not Soundproof Your Room

Soundproof Foam

Soundproof Foam From Home Depot Will Not Soundproof Your Room Either Soundproof foam is a foam material designed to dampen sound or control sound waves from transmitting out of or into an environment. In reality, soundproof foam has been the most misunderstood item for many …

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Studiofoam Wedges Review – Buying The Right 2 Inch Wedges

Studiofoam Wedges Featured

Comparison Of Auralex 2″ Studiofoam Wedges & Soundproof Store 2″ Wedge Foam An Auralex Studiofoam Wedges Review Not All Studiofoam Wedges Are Created Equal Studiofoam wedges are great for acoustic treatment of sound reflections in mixing & recording rooms, home theaters, listening room and to …

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